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Bass Guitar for Beginners Welcome You to Guitar Center.


Description: Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginner featuring Alistair Andrews. Great Bass Player, Guitarist, Composer, Producer and Educator is sharing his knowledge with You. These Bass Guitar Lessons are meant for beginner and advanced player. With these Bass Guitar Lessons you gain more knowledge of the Bass Guitar and Music.


Guitar Free Lessons featuring Alistair Andrews the Great Bass Player.


Bass Guitar Lessons is featuring Alistair Andrews - the Great Bass Player, Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Producer and Educator. Started playing guitar music at the age of 5 and become a professional musician at the age of 15. Studied Jazz Theory, Harmony and Arranging with Merton Barrow at the Jazz Workshop in Cape Town.Favorite style obviously African Music, but with strong leaning towards Jazz.


Alistair Andrews has and still is performing with a lot of the giants of African Music and Jazz such as: Jonathan Butler, Danny Butler, Alvin Dyers, Hotep Galeta, Tony Schilder, Richard Schilder, Hilton Schilder, Paul Hanmer, Robbie Jansen, Basil Coetzee, Herold Jeftha, Henry February and Lional Pillay, to name but a few. He also shared the stage with international Gospel Musicians, such as Phil Driscoll and Bill Mason. His two recorded solo albums are titled: "Your Unconditional Love" and "Rainbow Music".


These Bass Guitar lessons are meant not only for the total guitar beginner, but also for those who want to develop a more solid foundation and understanding of the Bass Guitar and Music in general.



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Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginner featuring Alistair Andrews.


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